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What’s a Meeple?

Made popular by the universally loved board game Carcassonnne, a meeple, by definition, is a wooden (or plastic)  representation of human beings for use in gaming . In recent years, meeples have branched out and their sphere of influence has grown, as there are a wide variety of meeples available on the market – small meeples, large meeples, ani-meeples, creepy meeples, pirate meeples, alien meeples and more. They’ve become a truly iconic part of the board game scene…

We’re Meeple People!

Meeples Next Door aspires to be your go to place for board game news, reviews, previews and more. Like the meeples who inspire us, we want to be your destination for all things gaming related. I’ve been gaming for over 30 years now and have a collection of games that are simply out there – and I’ve played  them all. I hope to share my love of board games with you and hope you’ll find yourself returning time and time again for our special brand of humor and writing.

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