Time Barons – A Meeples Next Door Review   A two player battle for supremacy that spans the ages...
Farmageddon – A Meeples Next Door Review   Farming is always more fun when it's cutthroat!
King of Tokyo – A Meeples Next Door Review   Cyber Bunny will crush your spirit, your soul and you city! All hail Cyber Bunny!
Ark – The Great Race – A Meeples Next Door Review   Noah's Ark needs animals! Can you search the globe and find them in time?
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    Who is This Man?

    Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to talk to Phil Kilcrease of 5th Street Games - the fine folks behind Kickstarter favorites Farmageddon and My Happy Farm. Check out the interview here!

    If you haven't had a chance to support 5th Street Games, don't worry - you'll have further opportunities! I'll have review up for Farmageddon soon, as well, so check back!

  • Evie’s Place


    Evie's Place

    My daughter, Evie, is a board gamer at heart and she loves to write - so we thought it would be fitting to give her her own column where she reviews games for kids. I'll cover the titles she reviews as well, to fill in the adults in the group, but if you've got kids who want to read about board games, Evie's going to help you out!

    Her first review is for Out of the Box Game's Shake 'N Take, a funky alien finding, shape discovering frenzy - featuring some truly epic alien styled dry erase markers and egg shakers. Read more about the game here!

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    Race to 500

    Want to win some free games?

    Perhaps a copy of "Kittens in a Blender"?

    Well, head on over to our contest page and check out our newest contest!

    "Like" us on Facebook to win!

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    A fantastic co-op game is brought to life on Apple's iPad! Norse Gods, evil creatures, dwarves weapons... what more do you need? Read me!!

    Summoner Wars

    Summoner Wars is coming soon to an iOS device near you! Will you be ready?
  • Quick Reviews


    Venture Forth

    Venture Forth is a fantastic adventure game from Minion Games. The fresh new game mechanics are unlike any other adventure game I've ever had the chance to play and that's a plus!

    Check out the full review!



    Ranking is a game all about comparisons, but with a twist! It's a ton of fun and great in a group.

    Check out the full review!

  • Indiegogo Gems

    Whacky Wit

    This is one funky looking Pac-Man inspired game... so check out this Indiegogo campaign today!

    Seriously, this reminds me of that old Pac-Man board game from the 80's... only way cooler.

  • Kickstarter Gems

    Among the Stars

    Help the Alliance build space stations in an effort to bring peace to the galaxy! Check out MAGE Company's Kickstarter campaign today!

    Give it the support it needs!


It’s been a busy year…

We’re back in action, though! We’ve got some great coverage coming in from MAGE Company, including their newest Kickstarter Phenomenon, 12 Realms!! Look for some new reviews and new writers, too!

A Short Discussion with Phil Kilcrease of 5th Street Games – A Meeples Next Door Interview

    Recently, I had the pleasure of submitting some questions to Phil Kilcrease of 5th Street Games. I first discovered 5th Street Games on Kickstarter – and thank the maker I did! My first Kickstarter pledge was for their fantastic farming game Farmegeddon, which is almost out! I’ll be doing a review of the [...]

Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Second Edition – Now in Stores!

Well, that flew under the radar a bit. I had assumed that the whole July launch for Descent was going to be a big load of crap, assuming that the game would launch at GenCon… but yeah, we all know what happens when we assume now, don’t we? Suffice to say, the game is now [...]
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